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CyberX Security Detail

Last updated: 2019-08-23 15:08

How do we store your data?

Your data will store only on your local disk. Local data will include Core Data and System Log.

Core Data

Core data includes:

  1. API Key and API Secret
  2. Trading record
  3. Balance record

Core data are stored in database, and encrypted by AES-256 + SHA 2.

Unlock database procedure:

  1. Login you CyberX account. The login process will be encrypted by HTTPS. After verification, you will receive corresponding private key.
  2. CyberX will use encrypted information (generated by complex rules base on your local machine’s information) stored on your machine, and your CyberX account’s private key to generate the decryption key.
  3. If the decryption key is correct, the local database will be open, otherwise the local database information will be removed.

CyberX do not know your core data, because:

  1. It’s stored locally on your machine, and we do not own it,
  2. nor do we know your machine’s encryption information.

Anyone who steals your local database file cannot open your database, because they do NOT know your:

  1. Login name and password;
  2. Two step verification Information;
  3. Yours machine’s encrypted information.

System Log

System log includes:

  1. Order placement record;
  2. Algo’s running status log;
  3. Error record.

We have desensitized the API KEY information in your log, and will regularly remove them.

What data will be exchanged with internet?

To improve our product, the terminal will gather certain non-sensitive data and upload to target website. Institution users also have option of a sandbox version of the product, which will minimize the traffic between the terminal and internet.

Target Web Sites and information communicated:


  1. Login and authorization verification information;
  2. The latest price of all coin pairs and price fluctuations in the past 24hs (in all exchanges);
  3. BTC exchange rate to USD;
  4. Fiat currency exchange rate.

Google Analytics

We use Google analytics to analyze and optimize our product. We do not record sensitive information such as API Key, Secret, order and balance data.