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Invest In A Digital Future
Invest In A Digital Future
About Us
Founded in 2016, the CyberX team consists of veterans from Wall Street banks Goldman Sachs, UBS, Merrill Lynch, top tier funds Citadel, AQR, BlackRock, GSA and Tech leaders Google, Baidu, Thompson Reuters. The founder of CyberX also previously co-founded the first cryptocurrency wallet company in China, Bihang.com, which was acquired by OKCoin (now known as OKEx).
CyberX is committed to build the financial infrastructure for digital currency asset based on the blockchain technology. By utilizing latest advancements in blockchain, mathematical modeling, deep learning , financial engineering, and data mining, CyberX team is creating a powerful and flexible platform to provide full range of financial services to token issuers, institutional investors/token funds, exchanges, and high net worth clients.
Our Services
  • Provide 24x7 liquidity on all levels;
  • Support all major exchanges, including futures exchanges;
  • Continuously provide order book depth, maintain bid/ask spread;
  • Guard against informed traders, cross-exchange triangle arbitrage;
  • Abnormal trading behavior monitoring based on quantitative analysis.
  • Provide sophisticated set of active and passive asset management strategies;
  • Alpha generation based on real-time market micro-structure analysis, proprietary quantitative model and state-of-art A.I. technology;
  • Wealth of trading experience, traded USD 100 billion+ on U.S. equity, China A share, Commodity Futures, Forex markets and Crypto markets.
  • HFT Arbitrage
  • Cross Exchange Arbitrage
  • Cash and Futures Arbitrage
  • Statistical Arbitrage
  • Cross Token Arbitrage
  • Calendar Spread Arbitrage
  • Event Driven Strategy
  • Wide range selection of Algos for OTC Block trade;
  • Won numerous best execution Algo Awards in Asia;
  • Offer Access to deep pool of liquidity built base on company's large network.
World-Class trading terminal designed for institution client. Our terminal is powerful yet easy to use with the emphasis on algorithmic trading intelligence, profit maximization, low latency, high reliability, account security, block chain data analysis and multi-class crypto asset supports.
Secured Infrastructure
Installed locally and connects to exchanges directly, order information is not passed onto any third-party server including CyberX, which prevents API information leakage.
Best-in-Class Trading Algorithm
Support TWAP / VWAP and other advanced algorithms. Base on the analysis on latest market data and machine learning on historical data, the algorithm help users hide trading intentions, reduce trading cost, minimize market impact and prevent information leakage.
Automated Order Execution
Support 24/7 automated order execution with fully configurable parameters and indicators.
Our Team
10 Year+ Crypto / Blockchain / Quant Experience
Goldman Sachs, Tokyo, FICC
University of Tokyo
CH. Tang
10 Year+ Quant Trading Experience
GSA Capital Partners
Sr. Research
JT Capital Management
Sr. Research
K. Xu
10 Year+ Algo Trading / Quant Trading Experience
Merrill Lynch.
Head of Quantitative Strategies
Global Markets ED
AQR Capital
Quant Analyst
Columbia University
Financial Engineering
Tsinghua University
A.I. & Pattern Recognitions
Dr. Yue
10 Year+ Quant Trading Experience
China based Quant fund
Genera Manager
Large Mutual Fund
Head of Quant Trading
Quant Analyst
University of Wisconsin
PhD. Statistic
Peking University
Z. Fan
10 Year+ Structure Product / Institutional Sales
Associate Director
Citibank. Capital Market
Vice President
Financial Engineering
Q. Liu
10 Year+ Machine Learning / Big Data
Kaggle AI competition
Gold Medal
A.I. Scientist
University of Toronto
Master. A.I.
University of Waterloo
Computer Science
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[email protected]
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